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SISAB owns and develops 600 preschools, compulsory schools and upper-secondary schools in Stockholm. Every day, around 200,000 people spend time in our 1.8 million square metres of educational facilities.

SISAB was founded in 1991 and is owned by the City of Stockholm. The company is a part of a corporate group with 16 active companies where Stockholms Stadshus AB is the parent company. 97 per cent of our portfolio is let out for educational purposes, mainly to the City of Stockholm.

In addition to maintenance, SISAB has extensive rebuilding activities as well as some new construction. We annually invest SEK 1 600 million (2016 SEK 2 000 million) in maintenance, rebuilding and new construction.

Our business idea

  • On behalf of the City of Stockholm, SISAB owns and manages the City's pre-schools and schools.
  • Staff and tenants jointly help create good educational conditions characterised by high quality, a sound economy and long-term environmental considerations.


Claes Magnusson is SISAB’s CEO. SISAB has a staff of about 200 who work to provide a good educational environment in sound, pleasant and suitable premises for present-day and future schools.

The company is organised as eight departments:

  • Property Management Department
  • Project Development Department
  • Property Maintenance & Operations Department
  • Real Estate Development Department
  • Procurement Department
  • Financial Administrations and Office Support Department
  • Human Resources Department
  • CEO Staff Department

A short presentation

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