Guide to submitting tenders

Where can I find the tender documents?

All of our contract notices are published in the public procurement portals Kommers and Visma Opic. Once the contract notice is published, you can find it under “Published contract notices”.

If it is the first time you visit the portal, you will be able to register as a tenderer. It is free to register. You can find more information here:


How do I know if there are any changes made in the tender documentation during the process?

If you have downloaded the tender documents, you will be notified by e-mail of all changes made in the documentation to the e-mail address you provided when registering your account. Therefore, be sure to check your e-mail for any messages from TendSign in order to not miss out on any important information.

The tender documentation is unclear. Who can I contact with questions?

If you have any questions about the documentation or find it flawed, please contact the procurement officer in charge of the project through the Q&A function in Kommers as soon as possible. You can find the name of the procurement officer in the documentation under chapter AFA.121. Be advised that in order to guarantee to answer your question, we need to receive it at least ten days before the announcement window expires.

What do I need to include in my tender?

The documentation varies for each of the contracts. The chapter “Administrativa föreskrifter” includes information about what documents are part of the contract, what requirements are put on the tenderers and what attachments are mandatory. It is therefore important to read the documentation with care.

We have published all of our technical requirements in Swedish on this website (you can find them here). These requirements have to be met in order to give a winning tender and are sometimes more extensive than Swedish regulations. If you have questions about our requirements, please contact our procurement department via e-mail: You can also contact the procurement officer in charge of the project you are interested in directly. All of our e-mail addresses follow the pattern

Where and how do I submit my tender?

The tenders have to be submitted electronically through the tender form in TendSign. The form informs you about what documents need to be attached to the tender. Attachments need to be uploaded electronically.

How and when do I receive information if I won the contract?

After an evaluation of all incoming tenders, a contract award decision is made by the procurement officer in charge of the project. All of the tenderers receive a notification about the decision to the e-mail address they entered when submitting the tender. The tenderer is responsible for registering a correct e-mail address.

The amount of time needed for the evaluation varies between the projects and depends on type of project, form of procurement and the amount of incoming tenders. Normally, a contract award decision is issued about six weeks after the announcement window expires.

Can two or more companies submit tenders together?

Tenderers have the right to refer to another companies’ financial, technical or expertise capabilities or to submit tenders as a group. When submitting the tender, you need to attach a cooperation agreement, signed by all parts, in which all of the companies clearly state in what capacity they will be part of fulfilling the contract obligations.