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Market day for international construction companies in Stockholm

We would like to invite all companies from abroad that are interested in our projects and the public construction market in Stockholm to a market day for international suppliers that will take place on October 16th in Stockholm.

The event, which is free of charge, is organised together with our sister companies Stockholmshem, Familjebostäder, Svenska Bostäder and Invest Stockholm, and in cooperation with Business Sweden.

During the day, we plan to present our upcoming projects, discuss specific requirements that are part of contracts within the city and present the initiative "Fair Building". There is also a meet & greet with lunch in the works, so feel free to book a meeting with us!

You can find the invitation here. Don't forget to RSVP until September 30th at the latest - you can register here.

This event follows the two-day course for international companies on Swedish regulations, business conduct and procurement laws organised by Invest Stockholm and Business Sweden that will take place on October 14-15th.

Publicerad: 11 juli 2019